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Pastor Brian Hedges and I have decided to take some of the editing process public. Come look over our shoulders as we finish his book.


"For project management, editorial critique, and creative solutions, Kevin Meath has proven himself a trusted and very capable partner. His professionalism, attention to detail, and instructive insight, at every step along the way, have dramatically increased the quality of my projects.

In addition to his work ethic and sheer capability, he brings a hopeful enthusiasm and humble authenticity that refreshes and motivates me in the work. I highly commend his skills and services."

– Scott Anderson
Director of Networking and Partnerships
Desiring God (John Piper)
Minneapolis, Minnestoa

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Ink on Paper These services are designed for a particular kind of author or prospective author, one who already has an online or public presence that is active and significant. Such an author has the potential to make substantially more money per book than he could ever receive under a traditional publishing contract. The key is his visibility. Let me explain.

To put it very simply, books need to be edited, designed, typeset, printed, marketed, distributed, sold, and (unless purchased in person) shipped. The Publishing services I offer in this scenario are as follows.
I would:

_ Perform the editing and typesetting
_ Arrange for cover design through a professional book designer
_ Arrange for printing, sales, and shipping through one or more Print-On-Demand services. Some of these make products available online exclusivley, while others also handle limited bookstore distribution.

That leaves marketing; people have to know the book is available before they can consider buying it. This is where the author's existing profile becomes an integral part of the picture. He or she would enter such a project intending to give the book the kind of profile necessary to attract attention.

My payment would be based on a highly variable mix of editorial rates, administrative fees, and share of profits.

_ Editorial rates, depending on the level of editing necessary
_ Administrative fees covering typesetting, copyediting, proofreading, and my interactions with both the book designer and POD service
_ A share of the sales profits, as appropriate

For promising titles, rates and fees may be reduced or eliminated in exchange for a greater share of profits.

E-Books (Details to come...)