"His gift allowed him to give full weight to my passion and hone my writing so that my message became more forceful than I could have delivered it on my own.

His craftsmanship helped me take creativity, clarity, and order to a level beyond what I could see or say on my own and yet helped me grow within my own style.

Kevin is a skillful editor-counselor."

Rick Horne
Get Outta My Face!
How to Reach Angry, Unmotivated Teens with Biblical Counsel

     Shepherd Press (2009)

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Directed Rewrite

This is essentially project consulting and developmental editing taken to the next level and applied to an existing manuscript.

In a directed rewrite I guide the author through the revision process, offering suggestions and direction of a depth and specificity that maximize his or her ability to self-edit. This is particularly effective where the author is an expert in a given field but doesn't have the time or knowledge to refine a manuscript for the target audience.

Direction can take the form of:

_ emails
_ phone calls
_ memos
_ personal or web meetings
_ Mind maps demonstrating how elements from the manuscript can be reordered to improve flow and linearity
_ MS Word Comments and Track Changes functions to make specific content suggestions
_ Using a tablet computer to mark up a document with "digital ink" to point out matters of writing style

By shifting much of the hands-on editorial labor to the author, while maximizing the author's subject-area expertise, a directed rewrite can produce a much better manuscript at a lower cost.

Directed rewrite may or may not lead to my then performing a line edit or substantive edit.

_ Line Editing
_ Substantive Editing