"His gift allowed him to give full weight to my passion and hone my writing so that my message became more forceful than I could have delivered it on my own.

His craftsmanship helped me take creativity, clarity, and order to a level beyond what I could see or say on my own and yet helped me grow within my own style.

Kevin is a skillful editor-counselor."

Rick Horne
Get Outta My Face!
How to Reach Angry, Unmotivated Teens with Biblical Counsel

     Shepherd Press (2009)

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Manuscript Review

Sometimes an author just wants an opinion on a manuscript. Manuscript review is similar to project consulting, but applied to an existing manuscript. As such, it involves my review of any materials that have been produced by an author, with a focus on:

_ structure
_ tone
_ audience and reading level
_ titling
_ writing style
_ goals and purpose
_ background, experience, and qualifications

After I review your material we can have a phone conversation, touching briefly on most or all of the topics listed above. If you then use any of my other services in connection with that project, the cost of manuscript review will be deducted.