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The Making of...
Christ Formed in You

Pastor Brian Hedges and I have decided to take some of the editing process public. Come look over our shoulders as we finish his book.


"There is no doubt that Kevin made my book a better book."

Paul David Tripp
Broken-Down House
Living Productively in a World
Gone Bad
     Shepherd Press (2009)

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Project Consulting

Where a manuscript does not already exist, project consulting involves my review of any ideas and/or materials that have been produced by a prospective author, and an open dialogue on topics such as:

_ structure
_ tone
_ audience and reading level
_ titling
_ writing style
_ goals and purpose
_ background, experience, and qualifications

This may involve several exchanges designed to help the author wrestle with questions underlying the effort, and to decide how best to move forward.

Consulting may or may not lead to the author utilizing some of my other services.