Introducing...The Talk: Leading Your Son into True Manhood
Wednesday, January 27, 2010 at 10:56AM
Kevin Meath

Shepherd Press is preparing to release a book titled, The Talk: Leading Your Son into True Manhood, and ramping up to the release with a series of blog posts by Jay Younts. This is a short but unique and promising book that I think will have a long and useful life among Christian parents. Here is the Table of Contents as the author, Steve Zollos, and I refined it over time.

A Preface to Mothers

Part 1: Preparations

1        Much More Than a Talk
2        The Culture Clash
3        The Arenas of Manhood
4        The Virtues of Manhood
5        Planning The Talk

Part 2: The Talk

6        Beginning the Talk
7        Male and Female Anatomy
8        How to Treat Women
9        Sex
10      Sexually Transmitted Diseases
11      Birth Control
12      Sexual Perversions
13      Abuse and Abusers
14      Work and Career
15      Considering A Wife

Part 3: Conclusion

16      Three Final Truths

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