First review of Rick Phillips' The Masculine Mandate
Wednesday, January 27, 2010 at 10:08AM
Kevin Meath

Discerning Reader has released its review of Rick Phillips' The Masculine Mandate, a book I edited last year with great enjoyment and, I'm thankful to say, Rick's approval (see my Testimonials page).

The review's bottom line? "Despite the proliferation of books on Christian manhood, this one is a stand-out." An excerpt from the full review follows.

The Masculine Mandate has several strengths. The author is clear about where he stands on issues. He writes with authority. If men want to learn to be leaders, they need strong leaders. Richard Phillips fits that role. And he does so with humility. It’s clear where Phillips derives his authority. Nearly every idea is backed up by and flows directly from Scripture. There are few quotes from other books (only 25 total footnotes), but there are Bible passages on nearly every page (the Scripture index is four pages long). And Phillips has the gift of teaching and applying them.

There are specific applications. The pastor teaches the theology, but he also gives the reader clear, specific ways to apply the teaching. It is a practical, helpful, and realistic book. Phillips realizes that men are, after all, men. We have limitations. We aren’t fully sanctified. And he admits that he isn’t, either. But he sets the goal before us. Another plus: at the end of the book are questions for reflection and discussion from each chapter, making this book ideal for a men’s group study.

This is a good, needed book. I recommend it to men, young and old. And I plan to read it again. I’ve already identified several areas of manhood that I need to work on.

In our culture, we have a messed up idea of what it means to be a man. We need books like this to point us back to what’s important...

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