A kind prognostication, and a new project
Monday, January 11, 2010 at 10:26AM
Kevin Meath

In a post he made yesterday, Mark Tubbs, a principal reviewer for Discerning Reader, looks ahead to books due to come out later this year. At the top of his list is a project I'm currently working on with author Brian Hedges. I'm happily stunned that Mark would choose to say something nice about me in the context of a book that hasn't come out yet. This is especially true when some of the other authors on this list include Paul Tripp, J.I. Packer, Peter Leithart, Trevin Wax, and N.T. Wright.

Another project I've been working on lately involves a website and associated Twitter account featuring a book I edited in 2008 that was published in 2009. This is a book, I'm convinced, that can help anyone who has had trouble making a meaningful connection with an angry teen. If you know anyone in this situation, please refer them to Get Outta My Face! - How to Reach Angry, Unmotivated Teens with Biblical Counsel. The best place to get a feel for the book is at outtamy.com.

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